LED Display for Taxi Roof
Category: LED Bus/Taxi/Car Sign  Publish Time: 2012-11-09 16:37 
LED Message Sign use for Taxi top to display information



P/N: VY-Z128T


Resolution: 16x128 pixels, Pitch 6mm;

Display area 768mm L x 96mm H,
case size 850mm L x 175mm H x 250mm D;
Display color: single Red, Green, Yellow, Blue or White color;
Can display time, with alarm buttons
Can store 99 messages, 240 bytes per message.
Support Chinese, English, Spanish, Arabic, Russian and multi-language.
Frame color: Blue / White
Transmission: RS232/RS485/USB/Infrared Remote Control/GSM / GPRS / GPS.
Install at top of Car, with waterproof and high brightness, display clearly in direct sunlight.
Power: 12V, Built-in power supply,
Customized requirement is acceptable.
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